A Japanese Polearm

When we think of polearms or poleweapons we go directly to all the famous european polearms from the middle ages. These are weapons like Halberds, Pikes, and lances. But, the Japanese also had a series of pole weapons that are similar yet different.

I received an email from somebody who owns one and it is in amazing shape! Here are some pictures of it. ANd.....if you can shed any light on it or tell us more about it please feel free to email me!

I have identified it as a Japanese weapon called a Jumonji Yari.




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The Case of the Mysterious Poleaxe - Did you ever wish that you were out walking the dogs and you see something like this in the dirt? Well, this is exactly what happened to a web visitor (Chris) Could this be from the period of Cromwell? Hmmm... take a look at more pics. Let me know if you can shed light on this mysterious polearm.