The Armory of Medieval Weapons and Armor

Looking for information about medieval weapons and Armor? Medieval Weapons have a very long history. They have changed and evolved over centuries of life of death hand to hand fighting. The Armory has pictures and information about many of these weapons.




Roman Soldier Thumb

A look at Roman Weapons and Armor

They had a reenactment day at the ruins of a famous Roman fort in the UK. It is Binchester Fort. Take a look at some of the weapons and armor they had on display.

Roman Weapons and Armor






Make a Medieval Poleaxe or BattleAxe with cardboard and a broomstick This is neat tutorial with a video that shows you how to make a pole weapon using cardboard and a few other around the house materials. Lots of different styles you can make and I show you how to make the poleaxe and the battle axe. Make a medieval polearm



Unknown Polearm


Do you recognize this polearm? A web visitor received it as a present but is having trouble identifying it. Is it a Voulge? A Halberd? Or Something else. Take a look at some more pictures and see if you can identify it. The Unknown Medieval Polearm






The Pole of a Polearm

New Section: Medieval Polearms - I have a very complete and extensive section on the Medieval Polearm including drawings of many of the different types from Halberds to Lucerne Hammers and Pikes. Medieval Polearms







Medieval Longbow

I take a look at some beautiful handmade medieval longbows. These are made out of solid sapwood hickory which is probably the strongest hardwood on the planet. And, they are absolutely gorgeous. The one pictures here is called "The Greenleaf". Learn more about these bows here: Handmade Medieval longbows








Irish Lass costume with sword I have updated and upgraded the Medieval and Renaissance Clothing and costume section. There are some great outfits and accessories and everything available through - Medieval and Renaisssance Costumes




How to mount a sword on the wall

How to mount a sword on the Wall
In this tutorial (complete with a video) I show you how to mount a sword on the wall. This uses traditional sword wall hangers. I also show you the inside of a wall so you can see what to do. How to mount a sword on the wall







Make a cardboard SwordMake A Cardboard Sword: I have a complete tutorial that shows you how to make a durable cardboard sword. I make four different swords: A Cutlass, A Knights Sword, Buster Sword and a Reaper Scythe. Perfect for Halloween or for use as a prop. Make a Cardboard Sword


Medieval Siege WarfareBook Review: Medieval Siege Warfare by Christopher Garrett

Looking for an interesting read about the arms race of the Middle Ages? Castles and Engineers were locked in a life or death battle that lasted centuries. Read my review of Medieval Siege Warfare


The Mysterious Medieval halberdsThe Case of the Mysterious Medieval Halberds

I received an email from someone who found these halberds in a very old building. Could they be 15th century and valuable? Can you shed light on these halberds? Do you have some expertise with Medieval Weapons? Here is a page with more information and pictures. Maybe you can solve The riddle of the ancient Medieval Halberds


Medieval Dragon Crossbow

Dragon Crossbow Ever Consider making your own medieval weapon? I mean something really professional and functional? How about a crossbow? A Web visitor has done exactly this and runs a workshop on how to make crossbows. And wow, these things are really gorgeous. This crossbow has a dragon carving in it. Read more and see some close-up pictures of the dragon


Looking for a book on Medieval Weapons? Here are my recommendations:

25 Years of Fantasy swords in the Movies - It pretty much started with Conan and Schwarzenegger in 1982 and since then we have gotten a lot of great characters and a lot of great fantasy swords Read the article

Some Specific Fantasy Swords:

  • Kadaj Sword - This is the unique double bladed sword from Final Fantasy Read more
  • The Drizzt Do-Urden Swords - Drizzt is a character from a very popular series of novels by R.A. Salvatore. He wields two swords called IcingDeath and Twinkle - Read more about these swords
  • Eragon: The Sword of Zar'Roc -- This is the sword with the beautiful blue sapphire in the handle. Read More

Bargain Alerts

I keep a close watch on the prices of medieval weapons at Amazon and they currently are having some really great bargains on weapons. If you have always wanted a medieval weapon but the price has been prohibitive now might be the right time.

King Leonides spartan shield

300 Movie King Leonidas Spartan Replica Shield Pro New

Amazon currently has these great movie replica shields in stock but as of the creation of this link there are only 4 available in stock so take a quick peek and pick one up at a great price.

Scouring through the listings at I have found some really unique things and some nice bargains. Here is the current cream of the crop.

Medieval War Hammer Armor Piercing Weapon An exact replica of the war hammer used as a dominant weapon for piercing armor in the 15th century. The solid stainless steel axe head offers piercing point and unique detailed engravings. The hardwood handle is accented with cast metal plated and carbon steel tip. Stretches 27 inches overall.



I have a more extensive listing of weapons and armor available at here: The Weapons


Want to read some articles on life in the Middle Ages?

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A look at some unique and unusual Medieval Weapons - There were many unusual weapons created during the middle ages.

The Secrets of Medieval Castles - All about how Medieval Castles were more than just palaces with walls around them. They had built in secrets.

Medieval Sword Shapes and how they changed over the centuries

What is a Medieval Sword? There are actually two definitions and you can read about them and see pictures of them.

How to make a sword An overview of the process of blacksmithing your own sword.

The History of the Sword From the Bronze age through the present

The Sword Makes the Man about the types of swords and the personalities that wield them

Medieval Names, Words, and Places An interesting collection

The Dictionary of Medieval Terms - Looking for some medieval terms like Scutage? Here is the dictionary of interesting medieval terms.

Medieval Words - All kinds of medieval words from parts of a castle to various types of a knights armor and weapons.



New Section:

New Section added: Dragon Swords