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Armor and Shields

Large Medieval Knight in Suit of Plate Mail Armor with Sword - Hand Painted Statue - Very Detailed

The Medieval Suit of armor is something that developed slowly over the centuries of the middle ages. The knight you see here on the left is what we traditionally think of a as a knight's armor but this was only the case in the later middle ages and it was not something that all knights had. There were many variations of armor and pieces of armor and of course there were variations across countries and cultures

I have a new article about the History of Medieval Armor. I take a look at the development of armor and how it changed/evolved over the centuries of the early and late middle ages. All About Medieval Armor



















300 Posters

Posters from the Runaway hit movie 300. Queen Gorgo and Many Others great movie posters.

40" wooden bokken practice Samurai Sword Katana

World Of Warcraft Expansion: Burning Crusade