Viking and Barbarian Helmets

The helmet with the horns has been a regular part of every Renaissance fairegoer. You can't go to a faire without seeing at least one of these! They are just great helmets. It makes you wonder who the first person was that thought up this idea! It just makes a great statement about being a barbarian!


Viking Queen Adult Costume

Well, This costume doesn't fit into the theme of this page on helmets but as I was researching helmets I ran across this and I just had to show you. If you are a guy can you imagine what your woman would look like wearing this? And if you are a woman and you go to Renaissance Faires this costume is going to turn some heads. I think it is quite beautiful in a very understated and tasteful way. Attention all Brbarian Warriors: Put your helmets on because this will launch a thousand ships! It has lace up sides and gold embroidery.