Medieval Breastplates



This is one of the most dramatic and important part of a knights armor and the wonderful thing about this is that in the past few years there are companies that have been making them for a very reasonable price. If you have been looking for a great breastplate now might be the time to get one. There are a lot of different styles and shapes of breastplates that span many centuries. They all have their own unique looks ranging from Roman to Greek, and British.


Lorica Segmentata Roman Legionare Medieval Armor LARP

The Lorica Segmentata is considered by some to be the best armor of the ancient world. Unlike the muscle Cuirass, taken from the Greek Hoplite, the Lorica Segmentata seems to be a completely Roman design. The Lorica offered excellent protection as well as flexibility with its overlapping plate design. The actual date of the creation of the style is still unknown, however we do know that it was put into widespread use around 63 BC. This armor was reserved only for Legionares (the heavy infantry of the Roman army), the common soldiers still wore chain mail.


Roman Steel BreastPlate

Steel Breastplate - Roman Muscle Cuirass

This is a brand new medieval breast plate. This great body cover is one of a kind, where this type of item was used in the 5th century. This is a true collector piece. This will make a wonderful piece in your medieval artwork collection. Although this medieval merchandise would make a great piece for your medieval armor collection, or prefect present or a costume. This is strictly for decoration only! NOTE: It is your responsibility to understand SCA combat rules and regulations. These rules and regulations vary from tournament to tournament and all standards are subject to interpretation by Tournament Marshal. For your own protection, do not wear this or any other breast plate in any combat activity unless it is approved by SCA Officials prior to event. The manufacture and we are not responsible for inappropriate and unauthorized use of this product; always follow SCA rules and guidelines. This medieval breast plate is made to look antique with the 18 gauge steel and brass metal hand polished finishing; therefore, please do not think this is a used or a piece of museum art. The Medieval ROMAN MUSCLE CUIRASS comes in one complete box. Also, the CUIRASS may or may not be shipped it its orginal packaging due to assortment. The size of the Medieval Armor Cuirass is about 20" inches in Height and 17" inches in Width.



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