The Claymore

The Claymore is a two handed weapon that was used between the 15th and 17th centuries. It was a particularly effective and feared weapon because it was large yet light. It was quicker and more effective then other two handed swords. Often times claymores had something called a Ricasso. This was a section of the blade above the handle that was wrapped or covered. This allowed the wielder to choke up on the sword and use it as a half sword. The claymore has been popularized in movies such as highlander and Braveheart. The claymore that Mel Gibson uses in Braveheart is configured with a Ricasso.


A Scottish Claymore

A Scottish Warrior with a Claymore



Original William Wallace...#1 Medieval Sword This sword, used by Mel Gibson in the Movie Braveheart is a good example of a two handed sword with a Ricasso. See the leather wrapping on the blade?




William Wallace Braveheart Sword

I have this sword if you want to see more: The William Wallace Braveheart Sword - This review also includes a video and I take the Sword apart so you can get a look at its features, how its made and how to maintain it. The William Wallace Sword







Whetstone Cutlery Colossal Royal Claymore Mathews Sword, 56.5 Inch, Silver/Gold

Experience how it feels to be Scottish royalty! Intricatelydesigned with the traditional lion and unicorn design on the gold plated zincpommel and two-color hand guard, this Royal Scottish Sword is the perfectaddition to any sword collection! Embellished with heraldic designs on thehand-guard and 41 1/2" false-edged stainless steel blade, each sword comeswith its own plaque. 56 1/2" overall



Scottish Early Pattern Claymore Sword

  • 31" stainless steel blade
  • Spiral hardwood handle
  • Brass plated guard
  • Includes over the shoulder scabbard
  • 43" overall length