The Club

The Club was an early Medieval weapon. It orignally was simply a heavy piece of wood. Over the centuries it changed with the changes in technology and the changes in Armor. There are many many variations of clubs. The one shown here has piercing blades on it. These would cause maximum damage to enemies and they would pierce armor.




Historic Spiked Club

Historic Spiked Club

The wood club was one of man's earliest weapons, and gave the wielder the ability to literally crush his opponent! This barbaric model gives that early weapon even more brute power and savage effectiveness! This hardwood club stretches 21 3/4" long, and the sculpted handle ensures you will maintain a tight grip during use. The 21 metal spikes along the head of the club give it even more crushing force and allow this club to pierce through clothing and light armor. This weapon will be a hit at the medieval fair or with your favorite bunch of barbarians!


Medieval War Club This is the "original" ancient weapon! Small quantities of metal produced by crude mining techniques of the times were put to effective use by ancient metal smiths in battle weaponry such as the War Club. Long before swords were popular, this weapon had been widely used throughout ancient cultures during war and was very effective during the ages predating full suit armor. The Rittersteel War Club is Hand crafted. Overall length approximately 25". Blackened iron bands and pointed studs are secured on a seared wood handle.



Cold Steel war Club


Cold Steel War Club Md: 92PGS.