Dragon Swords

The Dragon is a powerful mythical creature and there are many tales that have been passed down to us through the centuries from many areas of the world. The stories and fables vary a bit but they all have a few things in common. The dragons are big, are powerful and are wise. They are not always good but the are always these things. This same philosophy goes into the making of Dragon Swords. They are powerful, they make a statement but they aren't always of a good alignment. Sometimes they have an ominous, almost evil feel and look!

Here are some great Dragon Swords from a variety of different companies.


Dragon Sword Dragon Evolution Fantasy Sword

The time has come for the traditional dragon sword to evolve into something more, and here it is at long last! This sword features a twin dragon pommel, which holds a miniature sword. The cast metal handle and guard are covered in intricate detail, with the handle having the look dragon scales. The blade is an elaborate double edged stainless steel blade that features a lasered symbol near the handle. Comes with a display plaque and is 33 1/2 inches overall.


Dragon SwordBlack Classic Japanese Dragon Samurai Katana Sword New
This classic sword is perfect for home decoration or as a gift. The high quality and the affordable price make it an absolutely good buy. You can't find a better deal than this. Don't waste this good chance to get a perfect display for your home or your buddies!


Draco Twin Fantasy Dagger Set Silver Two blades are always better than one, and this is no exception to that. The twin elegant fantasy blades are made of stainless steel. The cast metal guard and pommel are created with intricate details, as the pommel is fashioned in the form of claws. The pommel and guard have a silver finish to them. The black handle has been contoured for supreme comfort. Large dagger is 8 1/4 inches overall, small dagger is 5 1/4 inches overall. Comes with custom sheath to hold both daggers.


Dragon Lord Sword38" Dragon Lord Sword




Dragon Sword Dragon Scimitar Fantasy Sword An impressive sword as any! The Dragon Scimitar Fantasy Sword comes equipped with a stainless steel fantasy blade, that has been colored dark red wine. The Guard features blades on both sides also colored in the red wine color, and also created from stainless steel. The guard is cast metal in construction, and features two dragons attached to the blades. The guard is detachable and useable as its own item. The handle features a black cord wrap. Comes with a wooden display stand. 33 inches overall length.


Dragons Breath Fire Medieval Fantasy Sword w/ Plaq New Second Generation Dragons Breath Fire Sword /W Plaque. The blade of the sword has been constructed from 440 Stainless Steel with a fiery red finish. The dragon heads in the guard are removable daggers. The handle of the sword is stainless steel with an imitation leather wrap.



Dragon Katana

3pc Dragon Samurai Sword Set with Stand


  • Overall Length 39" Katana, 31" Wakizashi, 21" Tanto
  • Blade Length, 27" Katana, 20" Wakizashi, 11" Tanto
  • Wooden stand included
  • Great for collection
  • Brand New High Quality