Medieval Gauntlets

Gauntlets were armor that protected the hands, wrists and forearms. There were many types of gauntlets ranging from leather to Steel. Sometimes Gauntlets are mistaken with the very similar Vambraces. The difference is that gauntlets protected the hands while Vambraces left the hands exposed and covered only the wrists and forearms. This allowed for better manipulation of weapons.

This is a new beautiful reproduction medieval gauntlets. This is a beautiful decorative piece for any collector and makes a wonderful gift. All carefully hand crafted. This medieval armor gauntlets is made to look antique with 18 gauge steel metal hand polished finishing. This is strictly for decoration only!


Chainmail Armor Gauntlets/Gloves

These gloves/gauntlets are heavy and fully wearable. They are a great example of the styles worn by Knights in the 15th and 16th centuries. This is a piece that would be an excellent addition to any history or military collection.

The gloves are heavy rawhide covered with strong chainmail for protection. They measure about 13" long from finger tip to end of gauntlet and fit tightly because of the chainmail.