The Halberd



What is a halberd? Put simply it is an axe mounted on the end of a large spear. So in effect it is a melding of two different weapons - the axe and the spear but it wasn't used for throwing like the spear, just for thrusting. .

It was an extremely effective weapon because it was very versatile. The spear point could be used to keep distance from the enemy and made it capable for foot troops to effective attack mounted soldiers. The slicing axe blade could cause vicious damage to armor because the halberd could generate very powerful slices with long swings. Also an effective part of the Halberd was the metal wrapping of much of the handle. This made it an effective tool for blocking an enemy's weapons, particulary swords. Many halberds also had hooks opposite the blade side. This allowed the wielder to hook into the armor of a mounted knight and pull him to the ground.

Halberd English Halberd [Reenactor Replicas by Deepeeka A Halberd was an extremely effective pole mounted weapon. There were three distinct parts of the Halberd. It had a pointed end for thrusting, an axe for slicing and a hook for penetrating and grasping the enemy. The Halberd shown here is typical of many halberds.





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The Mysterious Medieval halberdsThe Case of the Mysterious Medieval Halberds

I received an email from someone who found these halberds in a very old building. Could they be 15th century and valuable? Can you shed light on these halberds? Do you have some expertise with Medieval Weapons? Here is a page with more information and pictures. Maybe you can solve The riddle of the ancient Medieval Halberds