Medieval Weapons - The Mace

There are many different variations of maces and they all served specific purposes. The mace shown in the pictures here are called a "Flanged Mace" and it was one of the more popular types of maces. It had the pure striking blow force power of a heavy mace but with the addition of the flanges it could also cut through armor. So it was a dual purpose and very effective weapon.

The History and Development of the Medieval Mace

The medieval Mace is one of the very earliest of weapons from the Middle Ages. It dates back as early as the war hammer or possibly even earlier. It was something that could be constructed reasonably easy without too much weapon building skill. The earliest maces had heavy objects attached to the end rather than metal blades or spikes. The overwhelming usefulness of the mace was its ability to generate enormous swinging force that could bring a tremendous blow to an opponent. This is why it had a heavy end. It generated more force than a sword. As weapons, armor, and metal working skills developed over the centuries the mace also developed many ingenious ways to cope by the use of spikes or blades that could pierce or even slice through armor. It was also very economical to make.

Spiked Mace

Historic Spiked Club

The wood club was one of man's earliest weapons, and gave the wielder the ability to literally crush his opponent! This barbaric model gives that early weapon even more brute power and savage effectiveness! This hardwood club stretches 21 3/4" long, and the sculpted handle ensures you will maintain a tight grip during use. The 21 metal spikes along the head of the club give it even more crushing force and allow this club to pierce through clothing and light armor. This weapon will be a hit at the medieval fair or with your favorite bunch of barbarians!

The Flail is very similiar to the mace but it has some kind of a chain or strap on it so you can swing the end at great force. This chain also allowed the wielder to wrap up and around an enemy's shield.


Authentic Medieval Flail...33 inches


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Foot Soldier with Mace - Schleich World of Knights Figure

Foot Soldier with Mace - Schleich World of Knights Figure