The War Hammer

The Medieval Warhammer can be seen as a natural extension of the blacksmith's tool become weapon. A hammer itself is a vicious weapon and it didn't take much to modify it into something suitable for warfare. Shown in the picture at left is some of the common modifications. The opposite end of the hammer is a piercing tool. This was used to pierce armor.


Large warhammer More about the Warhammer: The warhammer was a dominant weapon around the 15th Century. The handle is extended longer than your typical hammer. This allowed the wielder more reach and to deliver a more powerful blow. Of course the handle end of the hammer could also be used as a weapon when the fighting got real personal and close. The end of this hammer is capped in metal to deliver blows that could pierce armor. Medieval War Hammer Armor Piercing Weapon

Used as a polearm weapon The Warhammer was also effectively used as a polearm weapon. Mounted on the end of a long pole it could be used to reach over the shields of the enemy and used to reach up and strike mounted knights. I have more about polearms here


German War Hammer - This is an interesting variation on the warhammer. It had a picking tool and the hammer side had small prongs that could deliver the vicious blow of a hammer yet still make pierces into armor. This design also lightened it for faster swinging.









Schleich soldier with warhammer

Foot Soldier with Warhammer - Schleich World of Knights Figure