Miscellaneous Weapons and Armor

The Sword Breaker

This was an unusual weapon that was really used in the Middle ages and was often a standard sidearm for the off hand of a knight. Read more about the sword breaker



Vambraces are tubular forearm guard. They were used by the Ancient Roman soldiers but became known as "Vambraces" during the Middle Ages as part of Plate armor for knights. They could also be made of leather and were sometimes used by archers to protect themselves from the force of the released bow string.


The Strangest Medieval Weapon ever created: The Lantern ShieldAfter the Dark Ages the world was thrust into a two hundred year period of incredible creativity and growth called “The Renaissance”. This creative force of time brought about some wonderful masterpieces. It also brought us some really quirky and odd ideas. One of these ideas was the lantern shield. Read More