The Morning Star

The Morning Star came in many variations and it changed over the centuries. But the most commonly accepted version of what a morning star is a hand held weapon much like a mace with a ball and spikes on the attacking end. Typically there would be one large spike at the end so the morning star could be thrust like a spear. Then there would be a series of spikes around the circumference of the ball so it could be effectively used when swinging.

The thing about the morningstar that made it very effective was that just like a mace or war hammer it could generate tremendous force for armor and bone crushing blows. But it also had the added effect of the spikes which could penetrate armor and shields.

Flails were also modifed with a morning star type of head. This swinging action of the flail could generate even more powerful blows and the flail action on the chain allowed the wielder to actually reach up, around, and over an opponents shield and armor.



Medieval Spiked Iron Ball Mace

Smash your enemies to bits with this authentic spiked ball mace! Designed with a sturdy wooden handle built around a strong iron shaft and welded spike and ball head, this mace is designed to withstand any impact you may choose to make with it. Cast Iron. Steel Shaft. Leather and Wood Handle. 21" long. 6lbs.



Want to Make one? I have a video tutorial




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