Polearms of the Medieval Knight

The Medieval Knights Polearms

The Major combat style of the Medieval Knight was to fight on horseback and this style of fighting was extremely effective. It struck fear into the hearts of many foot soldiers. And this style of combat warranted some specialized weapons called polearms. These polearms were used by knights and used by foot soldiers against them. They were called polearms because they were often weapons mounted on the end of a pole. A good example of this is the Medieval Axe - normally a one or two handed weapon it could also be mounted on the end of a pole and it was then called a poleaxe.

Of course, the most famous of all the polearms is the lance. This weapon is famous because of its use in jousting and it is still used today in medieval tournaments.

Bec de Corbin - Halberds - Lances - Poleaxes - Spears







Black Dragon Naginata Pole Arm

Polearms come in a lot of various shapes and sizes, from different centuries and different cultures; and this Naginata is a good example of that.

Naginata is a Japanese martial art form that originated over 1,000 years ago. Due to it's massive height, the Naginata was the weapon of choice for battle against horseman and swords. This piece stretches over 5 feet tall with a 21 1/4" carbon steel blade. Includes custom blade cover with intricate dragon etching.










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