Bill Hook

A Bill Hook

The Medieval Bill Hook (also called just a "Bill")was a polearm weapon that is a good example of how weapons developed out of farm implements and tools. This is derived from the agricultural bill hook.

Billhooks varied in size from 5 to 9 feet in lengths but they all had the characteristic wide blade with the pronounced hook on the end.

It had several advantages and uses in combat. It could be thrust at an enemy like a spear or pike. It could be used as a slicing weapon similar to the glaive and it could be used as a hooking weapon to find openings in enemy armor or to pull them off a horse.

The picture at right is a great example of a real Bill Hook.







I have a tutorial on how to make a foamboard billhook on my main website. And, I also have a steel one that I am reworking. You can check that all out right here: Make a Medieval Billhook.




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