Samurai Swords

The Official Name for the Samurai sword is the Katana. In english this sword is referred to as the Japanes longsword. This type of sword is made to very exacting specifications and is curved with a sharpened blade on one side. But this doesn't mean only the sharpened side was used. The blunt side was also a dangerous weapon and the samurai used it when he wished to subdue his opponent without cutting and killing him.

Generally the samurai sword was used as a cutting/slashing weapon but because the curve was gentle it could also be effectively used in a thrusting strike - using the point the penetrate an opponents armor.

Typically a samurai would not carry this weapon alone. He would pair this sword up with a second smaller weapon -either a wakizashi or a tanto. The tanto is about the size of a dagger but in the same curved fashion as the Katana. The Wakizashi was a mid-length weapon shorter than the Katana but longer than the tanto.

Hattori Hanzo Kill Bill Samurai Katana Sword w/ Devil Loved Kill Bill? Just gotta get all of the Kill Bill memorabilia. Well no collection is complete without the sword that made the movie a classic. This sword is awesome to see and even better to hold. The sword is solidly made and even has a good balance and extended handle for swift and powerful moves. You just cannot face the Crazy 88 without a worthy sword. Check the attributes of the weapon bellow.


Wooden Samurai Sword Black Cord Wrapped Boken Daito Wood Practice Sword This listing is for a Single Bokken. The boken is constructed of oak with a dark stained finish. The handle of the boken is wrapped in a black nylon cord, just as a katana would be. The boken has been constructed with a high detail to replicate the look and feel of a katana, with a kissak at the end of the tip and a pentagonal spine and blade.



Black Dragon Samurai Tanto Knife

Here is an authentic Japanese Tanto. This weapon was used when the sword fighting got very close.





More Samurai Sword Accessories

Japanese SwordsmanshipPractice Drills for Japanese Swordsmanship To become an expert swordsman, one must pay close attention to detail, be highly self-critical, and practice diligently every day under the guidance of a good teacher. Unfortunately, contact time with a worthy mentor is limited for most. Practice Drills for Japanese Swordsmanship fills this obvious gap in the training of the modern swordsman by providing bokuto (wooden sword) drills to supplement the formal class activity of forms practice. Both single and two-person drills are presented, some common to iaido and kenjutsu, others extracted from iaido forms by the author and used to teach his own students the proper ways of drawing, parrying, and cutting. Each drill is illustrated with step-by-step drawings to help students hone their techniques; together they provide a comprehensive system of general skills development for anyone interested in using the Japanese sword.


sword cleaning kitJapanese Sword Cleaning Kit This Japanese sword cleaning kit includes blade oil, rice papers and a powder ball for blade polishing all featured in a collectible wooden box.




Samurai Warrior 2 Piece Wooden Sword Set

If you are interested in samurai swords but are only a beginner it is always a good choice to get yourself a wooden practice weapon. It is a safe way to learn and they are very inexpensive.




Shinai Kendo Stick Bamboo Sword

The Shinai Kendo Bamboo sword is quite possibly the most popular wooden weapon that is made.

Product Description
The Shinai Bamboo Sword / Kendo Stick is designed for balance and reliability. This bamboo sword is recommended for all who want to learn sword fighting. Two piece hand guard included. Great for practice, this Kendo sword is made of real bamboo, and the handle is covered in leather. Shinai Bamboo Swords are constructed of 4 pieces of split bamboo. The tip of the shinai is covered in leather; the four staves are held apart by a t-shaped piece of rubber. The staves are held together at the opposite end by a long leather handle. The handle is round rather than oval like a real katana. A leather lace tied in a complicated knot about a third of the way from the tip keeps the staves from spreading too far apart. A string runs down one stave -it signifies the dull edge, or back of the sword.



Cardboard Katana How to Make a Cardboard Katana (Samurai Sword):
This tutorial shows you how to make a great looking katana out of cardboard. And it is super strong because we adapt the secret techniques of the Japanese sword masters to the art of cardboard. How to Make a Cardboard Katana

Sword Cleaning Kit