The predominant use of the spear was for throwing. But over the centuries they were adapted for the changing needs of hand to hand combat. It has been used in cultures throughout the world because it is inexpensive and easy to make and it is extremely effective. You can attack your enemy without getting too close.

-There are some very interesting variations to spears. The Tribal spear shown at the top of the page is one of these variations. It could be used as a thrown weapon but because of the bladed and hooked end it was also a very effective halbard type weapon. And the spike on the bottom end was very effective at securing the spear into the ground to hold ground against an attack, particularly mounted attacks. The spike could also be used in close combat and when the melee got very confused and vicious. Here is a link to learn more about the spear shown above (It is over six feet in length).



Here are some interesting Spear Variations

Assegai - A spear used in the 14th century by christian mercenaries. It was made of a wooden handle with an iron tipped point. It was predominantly used as a throwing weapon much like the javelin. It was also used by the Zulu tribes in Africa but they used it more for stabbing and they created a version that was shorter and easier for close quarter combat.

Boar Spear - Was widely used in german in the Medieval Era. It was uniquely designed with two wings protruding from the bottom of the point where the metal met the wood of the handle. These wings prevented an enraged and speared boar from working its way up the handle and attacking the spear wielder. These wings were also very useful in combat because they could be used to hook and pull the shields and armor of the enemy.


Interested in Making your own spear?


Spartan Spear

Make a Spartan Spear
This is a Spartan Hoplite spear just like the one used in the movie 300. It's an easy project and all you need is a broomstick and some cardboard. I have a complete tutorial and video on making this spear. How to Make a Spartan Spear


Viking Throwing Spear Viking Throwing Spear - Cas Hanwei

Viking Spear - ThrowingManufacture ID: XH2039The Nordic warrior frequently carried several light Throwing Spears into combat. This style displays the narrow sharply pointed head designed to pierce mail. Several spears might be carried in the shield hand in a charge. These were thrown as the distance closed leaving the warrior free to use his sword or axe in hand-to-hand fighting. Features: - Historically accurate - Fully functional Specifications:- Overall length: 15 3/4"- Blade length: 9 3/4"- Weight: 8.6oz- Thickness at Guard: .570"- Box height: 18"- Box width: 3

Viking Short Blade Spear

Viking Short-Bladed Spear - Cas Hanwei

Viking Spear - Short-BladedManufacture ID: XH2040The Viking Short Bladed Spear is typical of those of Celtic origin imported into Scandinavia. The short blade inherently stiffer and more resistant to bending or breaking was capable of piercing any body armour of the period. Features:- Historically accurate - Fully functional Specifications:- Overall length: 9 3/8"- Blade length: 6"- Weight: 7oz- Thickness at Guard: .510"- Box height: 11"- Box width: 3

Authentic Spartan SpearSpartan Warrior Spear Sectional The Spartans were one of ancient histories greatest armies, willing to fight to the last man, willing to fight even when the numbers were greatly against them. They were great swordsmen, and just as dangerous with a spear. This is a replica of the spear Spartans would carry into battle. The tip is 10 inches of razor sharp steel. The handle is wrapped in suede and the butt of the spear also has a spike on it. A flat black finish has been used over this item. This spear is 83 inches overall, but can be broken down into two sections for easy transportation.


Celtic Spear

Savage Celtic Spear

This 6 foot spear features a 440 stainless steel 15 1/4" blade accented with cast metal Celtic medallion. The black aluminum shaft features cast metal spacers and fantasy tip. This item also includes an 18" x 24" collectible art print autographed by fantasy artist Clyde Caldwell.




Spartan Shield

King Leonidas 300 Spartan Greek Replica Shield Pro New This is the Poly Resin 300 Replica Shield. The shield features a handle and arm band. This shield weighs in at a whopping 12 pounds and comes with hand and armstrap. And it is made with a battle worn appearance.



Spartan Helmet

Frank Miller's 300: Spartan Helmet Replica The incredible vision of Frank Miller which was previously featured in a mini-series from Dark Horse comics is now brought to the silver screen by Warner Bros. in 2007! Monsters and men with metal clash to the death in this awesome film which looks to re-define action and adventure for great timepiece cinema. If you have a penchant for acquiring movie-accurate memorabilia that commemorates great films in motion picture history, then you'll want to check out these exact prop replicas that bring the power of 300 to your home or office!