Medieval Swords

When it comes to a medieval sword there are thousands of different weapons you can choose from. Here is an overview and some selected items to help you make a good decision and find a sword that is right for you. I have broken down medieval swords into several different groups depending upon the period of time they are crafted after.

Practice and Wooden Swords


Wooden Medieval Knight Sword 48 inch

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Something from the early period of swords?

The Roman era had some beautiful and very to the point swords. This was in the period before metal working became the high art of the middle ages and the Renaissance. Swords were short and predominantly used for stabbing. This type of sword was heavily influenced by the Bronze Age.

Roman Gladius

Maximus Roman Gladiator Sword Medieval Gladius w/ Scab

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The High Medieval Period of Swordmaking

The high middle ages created some of the best swords. These were crafted with care and very much to the point of the martial art of sword fighting. These swords were made for knights and were designed with fighting in mind. The two major styles were the one-handed and the two-handed swords.

Masonic Ceremonial Sword Templar Knight Freemasonry New




Looking for an inexpensive sword in the Traditional style?

Tewskbury sword

Medieval Tewksbury Sword

This sword offers a historical display from the era in which it was. This piece possesses a finely constructed stainless steel blade with a strong but lightweight guard and pommel. The handle is leather wrapped for an authentic look and an excellent grip. Blade sheath included. 33" blade, 40 1/4" overall.

The Renaissance and the Late Middle Ages

Spiral Rapier

Spiral Rapier Sword of the Second Musketeer Model 2 of 3 Black Handle

These classic favorites trace their origins to early 17th Centruy Europe, where sword play with the rapier was considered an essential part of a gentleman's education as well as resolving gentlemanly conflicts. Each rapier is equipped with a 37 inch stainless steel blade with a mirror finish. The wrapped hilt is surrounded by sweeping steel guard creating authentic appeal to each collectible. Includes blade sheath with polished metal caps. 44" overall.


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Fantasy and Movie Swords

Swords have evolved and changed quite significantly over the past few years. And movies have a lot to do with this. No longer is a sword just a weapon to fight with. It has become a collector piece and a fantasy art all in itself. There have been some great fantasy style swords and weapons made that are available to the average collector.


Lord of the Rings: Authentic Collector's Sting Sword

This is of course Sting from the Lord of the Rings and this particular model lights up!

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300 Posters

Posters from the Runaway hit movie 300. Queen Gorgo and Many Others great movie posters.