Medieval weapons and armor in the Banff Museum in Scotland

I have a friend who lives in the UK and he took a trip to Scotland. One of the highlights of his trip was a stop in a surprisingly amazing little museum in Banff. They have a lot of amazing stuff. Here are some pictures and thoughts for you.

If you want to learn more about the museum or visit they have a website here.


Let me start off with this sobering picture of a 17th century breastplate. I am at a loss to say anything about this. The picture says it all. The placard on the wall simply says "Breastplate from the mid 1600's and this would have been terminal."

Knight's breastplate with a hole

A Scottish Claymore

A Scottish Claymore

A Scottish Dirk

A scottish Dirk

Bronze Age Swords

Bronze Age Swords

A Dagger Circa 1380-1500

A caltrop - It is a particularly vicious weapon. Notice how it is made. When you throw a caltrop on the ground there is always a point sticking up. This would be very dangerous to feet and hooves.

A caltrop

A 2500 year old Halberd Head. (Early Bronze Age)

Halberd head

The Cloisters Museum in New York - This is an absolutely spectacular museum in Manhattan devoted to the Medieval period. And to get to be like a Medeival Abbey they actually disassembled five abbeys in Europe, shipped the pieces here then reassembled them. The Cloisters in New York









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