The Blacksmiths of a Renaissance Faire

I just came back from a day at the King Richard's Faire in Carver Massachusetts. It was of course a fun day and if you are interested in visiting a renaissance faire or in visiting this one specifically I do have a page with pictures and information about this one here: King Richard's Faire This article is about the blacksmithing at the faire. They have three swordsmith shops there that sell lots of wonderful swords, daggers, axes etc. And they have two blacksmiths there that make things throughout the day so you can watch, learn and ask questions. It is a pretty neat thing. Particularly for me as a beginner blacksmith.

So, let's take a look at the blacksmiths.

the first forge they have is a really neat one because it is very old fashioned. The forge itself is stone and it runs by coal. And the fire is stoked by a real bellows! And not just any bellows but a big one! It's neat to watch the smith operate the bellows then tend the fire.

The blacksmith

Here is the blacksmith at his forge operating the bellows.

He also has a very wide selection of swords and knives that you can buy. They range from small bodice knives all the way up to very large two handers.






blacksmithHere is another blacksmith at the faire. He uses a gas forge. In the picture he is using a hot cut off tool on the anvil to cut the end off a piece of blank stock. This smithy also has a tremendous range of swords and knives. These are a bit different than the other ones. These tend to be a bit more rough forged for a more medieval look.






Here are some of the swords and other weapons that this blacksmith has for sale. They include a very wide variety of items from small daggers to maces and axes. Lots of different shapes and sizes of weapons.





Prices: Everything is for sale here and the prices of the weapons vary greatly but typically you can get one of the knives in the hundred dollar range and the swords will run you upward of two to three hundred dollars or more. These are all hand made and the price of the kind of steel they use can easily run ten dollars per inch! But if you are a sword enthusiast I say it is well worth the price to get yourself a hand smithed sword or dagger.






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