What would you do if you found a sword while metal detecting?

I received an email from someone who pursues metal detecting (John). And he found a sword!!! Oh My Goodness!! Isn't that a great find? Beats bottle pull tops and small coins.

I don't know anything about how to identify something like this. But you might! If you can shed some light on this sword feel free to send me an email!!!

I also asked John for more information and this is what he says:

Hi Will thanks so much for contact from you. OK found sword about 3years ago, in Winsford in Cheshire maybe 100 meters from Church , was told st Chads named in doomsday book, no I have not researched this , but I also found medieval monk's chalice, pewter.

The sword yes I am sure, believe it its sharp , its a blade , I see where shoulder is the tang has been broken I can see the blow that broken it slightly bent . Blade is Iron , 1ft , 30cm, 5cm wide , weight is 1.2 lbs or 0.54 kg .Thanks John

Note from Will: Isn't that quite amazing. And the line that really struck me is how he can see the blow that broke it! There is a story in that. I wonder what that story is?