Can you identify any of these weapons?

Over the years I have received messages from a whole lot of people looking for help identifying weapons. Here is a brief synopsis of them and a link where you can see more pictures. Look these over! Maybe you can shed some light on one or more of them! As always, you can email me at:

Oh, and email me if you have a weapon that needs identifying!


The Unusual Sawtooth Glaive


Here is another unusual weapon that a web visitor has sent to me. It could be a glaive. Or it could be a Fauchard. Or maybe something else? Can you identify it? And can you figure out how it would be mounted to a pole? See more pictures and get my opinion here: The Sawtooth Glaive












When it comes to our unknown glaive the mystery deepens! Someone has one that is identical yet in excellent shape. Can you shed light on thsi polearm? See more pictures of it right here: The Unknown Glaive part 2









Found sword

A British Man discovers a sword while metal detecting in the UK.

Wouldn't it be amazing to turn up a sword while on a metal detecting expedition? Want to see more pictures? Can you shed some light on this sword? Maybe offer some advice on what he should do? Check it out and learn more about it here including where he found it. And he found something else too! Sword found while metal detecting







The Case of the Mysterious Poleaxe - Did you ever wish that you were out walking the dogs and you see something like this in the dirt? Well, this is exactly what happened to a web visitor (Chris) Could this be from the period of Cromwell? Hmmm... take a look at more pics. Let me know if you can shed light on this mysterious polearm.








The Case of the Unknown Glaive - Is this a 500 year old Weapon that was found in the attic of an old Pennsylvania Inn? Check out more here





The case of the Swedish Halberd - This is quite a beautiful polearm. Can you recognize it or add some insight as to it's origin? Take a look at some bigger pictures here: The Swedish Halberd










A Halberd and a Shield - I got an email from a web visitor who has some interesting medieval items including a halberd and a shield. He is looking to see if anyone can shed some light on their age and authenticity. Take a look at the pictures here: The Medieval Shield and Halberd.














The Case of the Mysterious Spear - A web visitor sent me some pictures of this hand wrought weapon that appears to be some kind of three part spear. I can't identify it. But maybe you can! Take a look at the larger pictures here and see if you can help identify this mysterious weapon.







The case of the Unknown Halberd - This is a fun little mystery. A web visitor sent me pictures of an unknown halberd. Unusual thing about this is that the handle is only a foot long. So it must have been re-handled at some point. Check out more pictures here. The Unknown Halberd








New Discovery - I got an email from a guy who lives in Great Britain. His friend found this interesting article in the river near Hay on Wye. Hmmm... could this be some kind of medieval polearm? See more pictures and my theory here.







The Mysterious Medieval halberdsThe Case of the Mysterious Medieval Halberds

I received an email from someone who found these halberds in a very old building. Could they be 15th century and valuable? Can you shed light on these halberds? Do you have some expertise with Medieval Weapons? Here is a page with more information and pictures. Maybe you can solve The riddle of the ancient Medieval Halberds



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