Can you identify this shield?

I received an email from a web visitor who has a couple of pictures of a shield. He would like to know more about it. Can you offer any help? Can you identify this shield? Maybe add some information? Send me an email:

The web visitor tells us a bit about it:

Can you tell me what kind of shield this is?  It's 24" tall, 16" wide, 4.5" deep (it's curved).  It's light, aluminum and has an argive grip.  Also, it appears to have the name of the owner along with "Esq." on the back.  My theory is it's an antique practice shield for some type of fencing class, but that's very speculative.  It's just that the fact it has its owner's name (as does another one I own) reminds me of what one might have done in a class: have their name on their property.  The other shield has a different, nicely painted design.



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