Can you identify this shield?

I received an email from a web visitor who has a couple of pictures of a shield. He would like to know more about it. Can you offer any help? Can you identify this shield? Maybe add some information? Send me an email:

Note: I received an email from a web visitor (Jeff) who has some great information about this shield. You can read it at the bottom of the page.


The web visitor tells us a bit about it:

Can you tell me what kind of shield this is?  It's 24" tall, 16" wide, 4.5" deep (it's curved).  It's light, aluminum and has an argive grip.  Also, it appears to have the name of the owner along with "Esq." on the back.  My theory is it's an antique practice shield for some type of fencing class, but that's very speculative.  It's just that the fact it has its owner's name (as does another one I own) reminds me of what one might have done in a class: have their name on their property.  The other shield has a different, nicely painted design.



Email from Jeff about this shield:

I noticed the Shield on your website.

My family name goes back to France prior to the year 1022 that I can trace. The name DeBourdon has morphed from the proceeding in France to Burden here in the US. The first part of the DeBourdon name ( De ) in the French laguage indicates an Area of France, such as Bourdon France, so,  I know that prior to the year 1022 is where my family came from. As time went on, They moved from France into England and changed the spelling to Bourdon ( dropping the De ), Next to Bordon, Borden and or Burden.

Why did I explain that ?? for this reason >>> I have traced them going back to DeBourdons in France - County Kent, Borden England. where I know some of my English Borden family were English Knight's.  My 25th Grandfather Henry Borden was in the battle of Hastings , and others of my family were in the 100 year War.

There is a chapel in Borden England with my family coat of arms in a floor to celing stained glass window that displays a similar image meaning the Rampant Lion ( Standing ) I've attached a picture. This coat of arms is in the church of St. Peter/St. Paul..... Borden England

The Lion shown on your webpage has a Crown on it, and is like the one shown on my Family COA. it also shows the Lion with a crown on it's Head, meaning it was authorized by the King, I suspect the one in you picture is English as was our Borden COA. Each color has a meaning ! Our families colors were Yellow and Blue, The weaponry has a meaning also. On the Borden COA it says Palma Virtuti , Greek for Honest and True. 

I've attached a link here for you to have further knowledge on what the symbols mean, >>>>>

Good luck in finding the owner !! if it's real it would be worth alot of money !!!  I wish it were mine.