The Weapons Dungeon

I will hold a lantern for you to see The Weapons Dungeon is where the keep the baddest and craziest weapons. I am not going to say welcome to the dungeon. What I will do is hold a lantern up for you. Watch your step and take a look at some of the things we have here but be warned. If the lantern goes out you should try to find the stairs out! Unless it's too late.




Is there any weapon that strikes fear and terror into the heart of a foe better than an axe? It has the reputation of being the weapon of choice for barbarians, and it is of course the weapon of every executioner. There are many variations of axes including single bladed, double bladed and even poleaxes. Some axes have a spike opposite the blade that was used for piercing armor. But no matter how an axe is configured it always has one thing: the ability to strike fear into an enemy. Now of course, you won't be striking fear into anybody. You will just be hanging your axe on the wall for people to admire. But, having an axe does say that you are a get down to the business at hand kind of person. Take a look at the selection of axes that we have here in the dungeon

Weapons of Stealth and Deception

These are the kinds of weapons that Machiavelli would approve of. You extend one hand in a gesture of a shake while you hide a dagger under your cloak with the other. There are many premises of deception and stealth including misdirection, camouflage, deception and masking the true identity of a weapon. To learn more about stealth and deception weapons and to see our selection Visit them in Weapons of Stealth and Deception

Accessories and Miscellaneous items

The art of Medieval weapons covers a lot of territory. Here is the section of miscellaneous items including whips and other things Medieval Accessories

Barbarian Stuff

When it comes to medieval the whole idea of barbarian fits perfectly - Barbarian Stuff

Stuff that is just plain Medieval

There are weapons and items that are just not easy to fit into a category other than they are just downright medieval - Just Plain Medieval Stuff


Books and More

The book store about medieval things Medieval Books


























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