A Medieval Blacksmith Shop

I recently took a day trip to a medieval castle in New England. The castle itself wasn't of course built in the middle ages (it was built in the 1920's) but it was built to some very middle ages standards. It is very gothic in style and it has a lot of the amazing things that it's European counterparts have. Of which includes an armory and a blacksmith shop or a smithery. I have a few pictures of the smithy and an explanation of some of the things inside it.

The Castle is called Hammond castle and it is located in Gloucester Mass. They are open only during limited times in the summer and part of their schedule is for weekends only. Check out their website here If you are looking for a real medieval castle and you live in New England this is a great place to fulfill that dream. There are not many of these outside of Europe! It's well worth the trip.

I also have more information and more pictures about this castle on my website here: About Hammond Castle

The owners of the castle were purported to be very interested in the occult and there are some very mysterious things about it. I have more about the castle here: About Hammond Castle. And I have more about some of the weapons and armor in the castle here: Weapons and armor of Hammond Castle.

The Tower and the Blacksmith Shop


The blacksmith shopThe castle has several towers and one of the towers has three floors. On the first floor up is the Dungeon and on the second floor up is the armory and blacksmith shop. On the far end of the armory is a door to the blacksmith shop. Picture shown at left.

People aren't allowed to go into the shop but through the grates we can get a good look and I have taken some pictures to show you a pretty typical set up for a smith.






The picture below shows the blacksmith's bench with a variety of tools, tongs and jigs. You can also see a large drawing of armor. Maybe this was used as a guide by the smith? Or maybe it is just for showing visitors to the castle. To the right of this bench is the forge.


The picture below shows the forge.

Above the workbench is a shelf with a variety of blacksmith made items including helmets, gauntlets and weapons.


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Wicked is the Wind

Fiction with the Castle - An author has written several books that have the castle as part of the background or story.

Wicked Is the Wind: A Jeffrey Devereaux--Kirsten Eriksson Novel

Epiphany, Massachusetts, had been founded by Shakers and rescued from fire by Civil War veterans of the famous 54th Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteers. The soldiers and their families were invited to settle and, as the Shakers died off, the town developed into a prominent black community.

Unfortunately, such a rich history hasn't prevented present-day Epiphany from becoming the embodiment of municipal turmoil. Its neglected historic buildings are crumbling; its real estate values are plummeting; its merchants are relocating; and its corrupt politicians are squabbling over who's to blame.

Making matters worse, new construction has been halted in a drained tidal marsh when seemingly ancient artifacts are uncovered there. After one of Kirsten Eriksson's friends becomes involved, amateur historian Jeffrey Devereaux is asked to make an inspection of the site. But the political climate and an ensuing murder nearly obliterate his conclusion that the artifacts may actually pre-date Epiphany's founding by centuries--a turn of events which brings his affiliation with Hammond Castle Museum very much into play.



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