Weapons And Medieval Swords   by Andrew Preston

We all know that medieval weapons belonged to knights who used them to fight their enemies. When going on a battlefield, it is very important for the knights to select the best weapon so that he can fight and triumph over his enemy. Medieval weapons are those weapons that the knight have used during the Middle Ages to fight their enemies. These weapons come in different shapes and designs.

Some of these weapons are stronger while the others are not as strong as some weapons. During the middle ages, the knight using the weapons should have a fair knowledge about them and also about the strength of the weapon so that he can use the weapons in the best possible way.

Medieval weapons were not only found in the European countries but they were found in the different countries of the world. Each country has its own designs of medieval weapons and as such, you will find that the weapons of one country are completely different from the weapons of other countries. For instance, take a look at these different medieval weapons http://www.a2armory.com/medar.html . If you search the Internet, you are bound to find hundreds of medieval weapons that were used during the Middle Ages by the knight. These weapons have their own strength and style.

In the middle ages, only the rich and famous had the right to buy and make use of these weapons to protect their families because only the rich could afford these weapons. These weapons are divided into two categories depending on their purpose of use. The first category of weapons was used for long-range encounters. It means that if a knight wanted to attack its enemy who is at a distance then he can use these weapons. The second type of weapon is for close encounters like a knife.

After talking about the medieval weapons, let us take a look at some of the examples of medieval weapons:

Blade - It refers to a weapon that has a flat surface and an edge that is sharp and pointed. This weapon is generally made of metal and it is used for the purpose of cutting, striking, thrusting, stabbing, etc.

Dagger - It refers to a knife that has two edges and they are usually used for the purpose of thrusting or stabbing. Most of the time, this weapon was used as a less important weapon for close encounters. Even in the past, these weapons were not regarded as primary weapons. They were also regarded as tertiary weapons.

Sword - It refers to a long weapon that has a lengthy cutting frame. This weapon is used in different forms in different countries of the world.

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