Final Fantasy Swords

Interested in buying a GunBlade? I got an email from someone who has one for sale!

it's a really heavy Final Fantasy type of sword. It has a leather case, it's about 3.5 feet long, it has a gun barrel that turns when you pull the trigger, it has a heavy chain with a figure on the end of the gun, and it has tribal-looking engravings on both sides of the sword.
contact me if you are interested in buying this:


Here are the major swords in the Final Fantasy Series

Slicing Moon Bleach Anime Ichigo Zangetsu Bankai Sword One of the most popular Zapakuto in the Bleach anime series, Slicing Moon Bleach Anime Zangetsu Bankai Long Sword! Own the Chains of Heaven - Slicing Moon, Zangetsu! The Zangetsu has a long black sleek blade in its bankai form made of one piece of metal and full tang construction! No cheap decorations here, the Bleach Anime Zangetsu reproduction is made from solid steel. Measuring 68 inches overall with a 50 inch blade length. This piece is truly one-of-a-kind, a must-have for any BLEACH fan, comes sharpened! Shorter version also available.


Final Fantasy Sephiroth Sword

HUGE 68 inch Sephiroth Masamune Sword





Ichigo TensaIchigo Tensa Bankai Cutting Moon 68 This Ichigo Tensa Bankai sword is 68" with a amazing Black Blade With Handle has Metal Chain. Blade featuring High carbon steel this is truly a one-of-a-kind piece, a must-have for any Anime fan, comes sharpened!





Cutting MoonIchigo-Cutting Moon Replica Sword Solid 440 Stainless Steel Full tang sword Blade goes to the end of the handle! Cloth wrapped handle with streamer Comes With Leather Sheath





Final Fantasy 7 Sword Final Fantasy FF7 Massive 78" Sephiroth Sword





Kadaj Souba Double Blade Bladed Samurai Sword Katana

This Split Blade Samurai Sword is a one of a kind sweet katana. It has two swords in one. You just push up and you have two swords to wield like a ninja. The blades are 440 steel and factory sharpened. The overall length of each sword (and in the one sword form) is approximately 40 inches. Comes with a free scabbard for the sword in the "one sword" form. The handle/handles are wrapped in black cord.


The Cloud Sword Cloud wields that enormous sword and now you can too. The one we have isn't as large as the one Cloud carries -if it were it would be too heavy to carry! This one is a full 40 inches long though (that's over three feet!) Learn more on our product page

Cloud Buster Swords are no longer manufactured but they are available on ebay. This link will take you directly to the ebay listings:




Ever thought about checking ebay? I have a page right here on this website with a real time listing of Final Fantasy swords for sale on ebay. Check it out