Take a look inside a real Medieval Castle



Here is a model of the Meersburg Castle -

An old legend and a 1548 document say that the creation of this impressive stronghold dates back to the 7th century which means this castle is possibly well over a thousand years old and still in perfect condition. It is located on Lake Constance in Germany.


Some of the things you would find in this castle would be a medieval living area, a Knights Hall, an Arms Hall, a well-room, a castle dungeon, chapels, guard's walkways and towers, the picturesque fortress garden and the defensible northern bastion, the workroom and death chamber of Annette von Droste-Hülshoff, the most popular German poetess who lived in the fortress during her stays at Lake Constance. Can you see what I mean by a Medieval Castle is a place of mystery, secrets and stories?

The Knights Hall

Inside the Knights Hall - This is a picture I took inside the Hall of the Knights. Of course the electric light was installed many centuries later. See how the windows are arranged to let a good amount of sunlight into the hall. Imagine the knights sitting at the table and making plans for defending against a sieging enemy.



picture I took of the black knight


The tale of the Black Knight - Inside this Medieval Castle there is an armory where they have a variety of weapons and armor on display. One of the things that struck me was the size of the armor. It was quite small- as if the knights stood maybe five foot six at their tallest. Here is a picture of one of the suits of armor. It is black so I call it the Black Knights Armor. Do you think there is a story behind this armor? Why was it black? Who was the man who wore it and what deeds did he accomplish? This is a story that I wish the walls of this Medieval Castle could tell.




A picture of some of the weapons in the Armory - One of the biggest things to consider about Medieval Castles is that they were a place of life and death. These vicious polearm weapons show this. A Medieval Castle was built to withstand the onslaught of enemies bent on destruction. Life in a medieval castle was very serious business.





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