Medieval Chess Sets









Design Toscano Chess set

Crusaders' Quest for the Holy Land Chess Complete Set

"Chess takes on exciting new dimensions when King Richard the Lionheart battles Turkish ruler Saladin to recapture the holy city! Whether you admire the fine sculpt or the hand-painted detail, our designer resin set's history and pure artistry will delight novice and seasoned players alike! King: 3""H."


Medieval Knight and Dragon Chess set

Dragon And Knight Medieval Chess Board Game Set Decor

Dragons and knights fight a timeless battle over this medieval fortress and the treasures hidden within. A stunning take on the classic game of strategy, this chess set is a true work of art! When the board and pieces are not in use, this dramatic "castle" sculpture does double duty as a showpiece to display with pride. Polyresin. 11 1/4" diameter x 12" high


House of Staunton Chess set

House of Staunton Classic Chess Set & Board - Looking for exceptionally well-crafted wooden Chessmen at a very reasonable price? Look no further than the Classic Series Chessmen from the House of Staunton . Designed to replace the low quality Chess sets that dominate the lower price range, The Classic Series Chessmen offer high-quality wooden Chessmen at a reasonable price!

One of the heaviest sets of its size on the market, it is designed to withstand the rigors of practical play while maintaining the elegance that has become the hallmark of all House of Staunton Chessmen. This library-sized set features a 4.0" King, weighs 42 ounces and includes 4 Queens. The design and feel of these Chessmen make them ideal for both Tournament and Rapid Play (Blitz) Chess.

As with all House of Staunton Chessmen, they exemplify the perfect combination of beauty and functionality. The design, quality and craftsmanship of this set is UNMATCHED by any set of Chessmen in its price range. Nothing even comes close! Each set consists of 34 Chessmen, 17 light and 17 dark (including the two additional Queens.)

The Chessmen are new and come housed in a premium display Chess Board box that features two drawers with individual compartments for piece storage.


Medieval Times Chess set Medieval Times Chess Set and High Gloss Chess Board - This is a spectacular 17" high gloss wooden chess set with beautifully crafted and intricately detailed chess pieces recalling the royal court of the dark ages. The large chess cabinet features 1 7/8" squares on a polished high gloss finish and two soft compartmented pull out drawers with clasps for the safe storage of these heirloom chess pieces. The red and blue clear acrylic bases give the Medevial Times chess men additional beauty and richness. The precise detail of the clothing, armor, faces and hair is amazing. The King stands 3.5" tall on a 1 3/8" base. This is a very high quality chess set that you will play with pleasure for years to come. It also makes a great gift for someone very special.


Chess set

Camelot Medieval Chess set - The 16" Camelot Pewter Chess Set is a high quality chess set that will allow your imagination to soar. Featuring a chess board a chess pieces, this set has everything you need to play a game of chess. The chess board has a classic design and is constructed of durable wood. The chess pieces are crafted from pewter and are handsomely detailed after figures from medieval times. Features: -Includes pewter chess pieces -Wooden chess board Specifications: -King height is 2.88" -Square size is 1.5"


King Arthur Chess set


The legend of King Arthur comes alive with this collection of colorfully painted chess pieces representing the many characters from the literary Arthur tales.Chess pieces are cast from poly-resin which hardens to a stone-like material that is heavy and durable. The intricate detail of the chess pieces and meticulous hand painting creates a beautiful chess set that is both fun and makes a wonderful display. Chess Set * King Height: 3 1/4" * King Base: 1 1/8" * Material: Poly-resin (stone-like material, very hard and durable but will break if dropped on a hard surface) * Hand Painted * Felt Bottom * Packaged in decorative cardboard box with formed tray for individual piece storage.


Medieval Times Chess set

Large Medieval Times III Chess Pieces - A true demonstration of the armor and power brought to every battlefield by Medieval knights! The Medieval Warrior theme chess set truly embodies the core of Europe's armies for centuries--finally supplanted by the superior force of gunpowder, and very rarely, by the best of archers. The Battle of Agincourt was one place where archers were able to defeat knights, but to the credit of the knights, the conditions were nearly as poor as possible for fighting.The proudly standing king of the pieces holds his sword and stands at attention. The visors of all the knights completely cover the face, an armor facet that appeared with the total knight, sometimes called the mobile battle machine. The queen piece holds the ax standing ready for battleThe bishops disguise knights of degree, with their broadswords held point downwards in front. The knights are the focal point of this set though. Essentially the 'tank' of medieval warfare, these knights show the heavily armored horse and rider.