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Here is a selection of DVDs about various medieval and Middle Ages subject. I have written reviews for some of these dvds.


The True Story of Hannibal The True Story of Hannibal

Technically this isn't the medieval period. It is the Ancient period but there are some amazing things about the story of Hannibal and how he almost conquered a whole lot of the ancient world. Predominatly his story is one of military genius. Thousand mile marches and his attempt to bring Ancient Rome to its knees which he kind of did but not quite. Read my review here



The History Channel Presents The Crusades - Crescent & The Cross

My review of this DVD. It is a terrific look at about 100 years of the Crusades beginning with the declaration of a crusade by Pope Urban and ending with the death of Richard the Lion Heart. It covers the three crusades, what happened and why. Clear and well written. Read my review here



DVD: Alexander the Great & The CatapultDVD Review - This is a review of a History Channel DVD about a medieval castle siege that took place a thousand years before there were medieval castles! Alexander took the island of Tyre which was located a half mile off the shore of Lebanon. And the island had a massive stone wall surrounding it. It was for all practical purposes a castle. And Alexander the Great sieged and took it by building a land bridge out to it and creating a new type of siege engine called the Torsion Catapult. The land bridge out to the island is stil there over 2,000 years later. Quite amazing. My review of Alexander the Great & the Catapult


Life in Medieval Times DVD

DVD Review: Life in Medieval Times - This is well researched and well presented. If you want to learn about this interesting period of time (1066-1485) you will get a lot out of this DVD. The rise of the guilds, the Magna Carta, knighthood, family life, farm life, etc. Life in Medieval Times




the Knights Templar In Search of History - The Knights Templar (History Channel) Their fanatical courage struck terror in their enemies. Their fabulous wealth made them the most powerful men in Europe. Their secret rites inspired rumors of heresy. In the Crusades, these ferocious sword-wielding monks were charged with protecting the Kingdom of Jerusalem. In defeat, they were burned at the stake. Journey from Middle Ages Jerusalem to modern day Europe to unravel the extraordinary story of the legendary Knights who some say survived their supposed execution at the end of the Crusades and have preserved their order to this day. Leading historians reveal their fantastic origins, and period accounts bring their legendary battles to life. Ancient documents and artifacts hint at the mysteries that surround them. Did they discover ancient secrets buried beneath Solomon's temple, and conspire to seize part of Europe for themselves? Explore the incredible history of the Crusade's mightiest and most puzzling warriors.

The Templar CodeDecoding the Past: The Templar Code (History Channel) For nearly two centuries, the Knights Templar was the most powerful order in the medieval world. Today the group's legacy is played out in an array of Hollywood blockbusters and numerous works of popular literature.

Despite the Knights' long reign of power, the order experienced a sudden collapse in the early fourteenth century when certain members stood accused of unspeakable crimes and were subsequently tortured and killed. This insightful program interviews some of the world's leading biblical scholars and visits historic sites throughout Europe and the Near East to probe the past of this mysterious order. Did the Knights, as many believe, guard the Holy Grail? Or was the object of their attentions buried a thousand years before the birth of Christ?

The Templar Code is an in-depth examination into the remarkable rise and rapid descent of the powerful and obscure Knights Templar.

Terry Jones Medieval Lives Terry Jones' Medieval Lives The Emmy-nominated Medieval Lives by legendary Monty Python star and medieval scholar, Terry Jones, finally arrives on DVD! Terry Jones has been leafing through the history books to find out what the medieval world was really like. What he discovered is a treasure trove of extraordinary stories and characters that challenge the tired traditional stereotypes we all grew up with. With the help of animated medial paintings, these wonderful tales bring the Middle Ages vividly to life in all its corruption, violence and greed, courage, enterprise and learning. Anyone who enjoys Chaucer and Rabelais will be familiar with the early humor of the time, but few people know about the dark side of chivalry or that women and serfs were not downtrodden creatures at all. Each episode explores the role and function of a different medieval archetype.


Just the facts: Middle Ages

Just the Facts: The Middle Ages - Castles, cathedrals, nobility, knights in shining armor, witches, dungeons, gothic splendor and almost constant war. The Middle Ages are all of that and more! This video tells the fascinating story of these thousand years of history, from around 500 A.D. to 1400 A.D. The Middle Ages are an incredibly dynamic period of history. So much of what we are familiar with today, from states to parliament to universities, came into being during this period. Originally called the "Dark Ages" by the people of the Renaissance, we now realize The Middle Ages were not "dark" at all, but a time that is distinct in its civilization - filled with grand, as well as miserable episodes. Scholars form Yale University and UCLA share their insights into leaders like Charlemagne, the power of the Papacy, the Crusades, and the lifestyle of the people who lived during this very diverse and fascinating age. It was an age of mysteries, of supernatural beliefs, witchcraft and fortunetellers. The church also played a key role in the lives of most Europeans; people's views of life and their place in it was much different than now. It was an age in which disease could -- and did -- wipe out a many as one third of the population! It was an age of religion, royal families, feudal lords and knights serfs, peasants, misery, poverty and warfare. From King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table to Attila the Hun. This video is a must-see for any student of history.


Medieval WarfareMedieval Warfare Boxed Set - The Crusades, Agincourt, Wars of the Roses This informative and entertaining military history series features an in-depth look at three key events in the history of medieval warfare. .The programs also feature dramatized eyewitness accounts and expert commentary and analysis

For nearly two centuries, generations of knights from England and western Europe marched to do battle with the Saracen hordes who occupied the Holy Land. Bitter and bloody, these great battles are known to history as the Crusades.

On October 25th 1415, as the pale dawn of an early autumn day broke over Agincourt, a mighty French Army surveyed the small English force who stood before them ready to battle. The French expected a comprehensive victory, but as a day of great savagery unfolded it was the English led by their charismatic King, Henry V, who would utterly destroy their enemy.

Fifteenth century England saw the turmoil of a bloody struggle for power between the House of York and the House of Lancaster. The Wars of The Roses would culminate in a ferocious encounter on Bosworth Field in 1485.


Siege Engines and War Machines


Nova: Medieval Siege DVD

NOVA: Medieval Siege - (Secrets of Lost Empires 2)

The Scots inside Stirling Castle must have felt untouchable. Protected by a massive stone fortress, they prepared for a long drawn-out siege against the army of England's Edward the First. Fifty carpenters worked day and night to create the fourteenth century version of the atom bomb: the trebuchet-a fearsome, gravity-powered catapult dubbed "Warwolf" that was capable of hurling boulders, bee hives and plague-infected corpses long distances. Travel back to the Middle Ages and relive a fascinating turning point in warfare and medieval history.

- Enter the battlefield and experience the chaos of medieval warfare-200 years before the invention of the cannon
- Discover how the mechanized catapult sent English history and warfare in different directions
- Enter gigantic medieval castles and explore why these mighty fortresses became vulnerable to the "Warwolf"
- See how the medieval manuscripts provided clues in the trebuchet mystery
- See medieval experts create two competing full-scale catapults
- Travel to the banks of Loch Ness as newly designed catapults attempt to destroy a castle wall with 250 pound stone balls

Secrets of Lost Empires II Unlock mysteries and uncover lost history with the experts as they use yesteryear's thrilling technology to recreate five ancient engineering marvels and to discover what daily life was really like in these communities. Travel around the globe from Egypt to Rome and take a fresh, "hands-on" look at mankind's greatest cultures and civilizations. It's history from a whole new point of view!

Alexander the Great and the Catapult Man, Moment, Machine - Alexander the Great and the Catapult (History Channel)

Only Alexander the Great would have the audacity to attempt such a daring siege--the fortified island city of Tyre seems invincible, but his Macedonian troops are inspired and determined, and the young Alexander has a secret weapon--a machine created for the destruction of cities: the catapult. If Tyre falls, it will be a pivotal victory in Alexander's quest for a new empire--a key stop on a march that will cover more than 10,000 miles and span three continents.






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