The Case of the Mysterious Medieval Monuments - Solved!

Ok, here is a picture that was submitted by a web visitor (Brad) He is a fan of all kinds of medieval stuff and he ran across this picture but doesn't know who the figures are, or where this picture was taken.

Solution: The Who and What!

I received an email from Emily and my thanks to her for tracking down the solution to the puzzling pair!

They are: Louis XVI & Marie-Antoinette (both executed 1793). These kneeling images were ordered by Louis XVIII when the remains of the King and Queen were found in the Cimetière des Innocents, Paris. This sculpture was completed in 1830.

It is located in the south Transcept of Saint Denis church in Paris. You can see another picture of this monument and see more of the amazing monuments of French Kings and Queens here. You can also visit the official Saint Denis website here


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