The Mysterious River Find

Ok, I got an email from somebody that lives in Great Britain and his friend found this metal artifact in the river near a place called Hay on Wye. He found it during snorkeling in the river. I have a google map at the bottom of this page if you want to check it out! I have some thoughts about this and I will explain. But if you have a theory about this or know what it is then send me an email!!

First lets take a look at the find. It measures about 60 cm x 28 cm. (23.5 inches by 11 inches).

My first reaction was that it is part of halberd. Could be right. But there are a couple of things about this that make me think it is something else. See the second picture for more.




Let's take a closer look. The arrow here shows a very prominent bump of some kind on the back side of the blade. Hmmmm. And let's note another thing. That half of the blade is at 90 degrees to the mounting shaft (white lines). While the other end (yellow lines) of the blade is definitely not at 90 degrees.

Okayl! So these hints lead me to believe that this is the blade head of a bardiche! Yup, kind of a neat find. The bump on the blade (red arrow) was where the blade mounted to the wooden shaft of the polearm. And the white line, being nice and parallel to the blade shows where the wooden shaft handle would be.

Heer is a picture of a bardiche from my tutorial on polearms. see how one end of the blade is attached to the pole? My drawing shows the very tip being attached but this isn't mandatory. Just as long as that bottom half of the blade was attached to the pole then we have a bardiche! Anyhoo, If you have any thoughts about my theory, or if you have a theory of your own then send me an email! I will add your thoughts to this page. (my polearm tutorial is here)


Update on this mysterious find

Oh well, I got an email from the guy who found this object in the river. Looks like it's not a polearm after all. Nonetheless it is an interesting find!


Here is what he has to say:

"However a local historian visited the house today and confirmed that it is half a tram wheel from around 1790 that was used to transport goods from the river to town and then onto the railway line for distribution. "



Map of Hay on the Wye



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