DVD Review: Life in Medieval Times

If you are looking to learn about what life was like in medieval times this is a good DVD. It is well researched and informative. And if you have Netflix you can get it on loan from them. Amazon.com also has it pretty cheap.

If you want to learn about what life was really like in the Medieval period then this is a good source of information for you.


I enjoyed this DVD. It is well researched and well written. It covers the period between 1066 (beginning of the Norman Invasion) and 1048 (End of the Wars of the Roses). And although the DVD is called "Life in Medieval times" it should be called life in Medieval England -although the two are nowadays close to synonomous.
Now, this is a lot of territory to cover but the DVD covers it well and accurately, we get an overview of many different facets of society and how they changed.

-Overall society changes:How society was changed from a strictly agrarian and feudal society to set the stage for the Renaissance
-Changes in education and trade: What kind of work people did for a living, How tradesmen formed guilds, How the guilds rose into power, how education changed to something more than just the realm of the Church
-How various strata of people lived: from royalty moving from palace to palace to the lowly serfs tending the land
-How the legal systems changed to settle disputes; mostly over land
-The rise of knighthood:Scutage, training, bloodlines and more
-The effect of the black plague on society
-Major written works including the Magna Carta and the Doomsday book

This was a period of a few centuries where life was totally transformed and the dvd covers it well. I wouldn't say that the production values were high. But they do use actors to reenact and show us various ways of life. And it is peppered with a good amount of authentic paintings, pictures, interviews with scholars, etc. But as far as the content inside the dvd it is good quality and accurate. You get an excellent overview of what life was like in medieval times - from peasant to king.


Life in Medieval Times DVD

Life in Medieval Times