DVD Review:
The True Story of Hannibal


Hannibal is a mysterious figure from ancient history and we don't know a lot about the man. But he almost conquered the ancient world and almost destroyed Rome. We do know quite about his campaign and what he did do because of the chronicles of the Roman writers.




The True Story of Hannibal The True Story of Hannibal

One of history's greatest military leaders, at age nine Hannibal accompanied his father Hamilcar Barca on the Carthaginian expedition to conquer Spain. Before embarking, the boy vowed eternal hatred for Rome, his people's bitter rival. Twenty years later, in 218 BC, he left New Carthage (now Cartagena, Spain) to wage war on "The Eternal City" with an army of about 40,000, including cavalry and elephants. After crossing the Pyrenees and Rhone River, he traversed the Alps while beset by snowstorms, landslides, and hostile mountain tribes. This 2-hour special brings to life the story of the Carthaginian general who struck fear in all Roman hearts and wreaked havoc with his masterful military tactics, bringing the mighty Roman Republic to the brink of ruin. Archaeologists, historians, and military experts guide us through ancient Carthage and give insight into his military strategy up to defeat at Zama in 203 BC.


My Review

I really enjoyed this DVD. It is about one of those men that had a profound effect on the world. And, while we don't know a whole lot about Hannibal we do know some important things including what he did as he marched across the world and took over most of it.

One of the most memorable things that he did is often referred to as The Elephants and the Alps" which is how he took a tremendous army, with Elephants from Spain, across the Alps and right into Italy in his quest to destroy Rome.

There are a couple of really good things about this DVD. First off I really like the tactical maps. It is in his military tactics that Hannibal really excelled and he changed the face of war on the battlefield with his tactics and use of various types of troops including foot soldiers and mounted troops. The DVD shows us actual graphics of the battlefields showing how he maneuvered troops in ways that destroyed his enemies. Hannibal had achieved some striking victories against roman soldiers in some very big and very bloody battles.

A good example of this is the battle at Cannae which took place in 216 BC. In this battle, on a single day the Roman army lost 50,000 soldiers. This was the single bloodiest day in ancient history and Hannibal was the victor because of masterful understanding of how to exploit roman tactics and how to use terrain to tactical advantage.

This is an interesting dvd about a very interesting yet mysterious man that had a profound impact on the ancient world and almost destroyed the Roman empire while at its height.