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You Wouldn't want to be a medieval knightYou Wouldn't Want to Be a Medieval Knight: Armor You'd Rather Not Wear What was it really like to be a medieval knight? I mean what was it really like? This book takes a look at that question. You get a look at some of the difficulties and challenges that knights faced in their chosen profession and along the way you learn all about their weapons, armor, and customs. This book is very informative and it also takes a realistic look at the job of being a knight. All that armor was very heavy, and marching off to the crusades was a difficult and arduous journey. Not to mention that maintaining a castle was very expensive! The illustrations are wonderful and all the curious aspects of knighthood are covered from sieging a castle to jousting. Want to know what a quintain is? It's in the book, which also includes a nice two-page glossary of terms in the back.


English Castles 1200-1300English Castles 1200-1300 (Fortress) This is a small book (64 pages)but it is packed with lots of great information about the most important period of the medieval castle. Lots of pictures, illustrations and information ranging from timelines and information about visiting the castles today. This book looks at all of the aspects of castle building and upgrading from financing of castles during this period, the major players (like kings and dukes), and the design improvements that were created such as the Gatehouse, the Barbican and the round tower. It was a period of time where many of the old wooden castles were upgraded to stone and transformed into massive fortresses yet also given consideration to living quarters. It was a very interesting period of time and this book covers it all. The abundance of pictures, the excellent drawings of castle layouts and the various timelines and resources make this book well worth the purchase if you are a fan of medieval castles.


Medieval Siege WarfareMedieval Siege Warfare (Trade Editions) This is a good look at the whole world of siege warfare in the Middle Ages. Without being scholarly it takes an interesting look at the many aspects of siege from weapons like catapults and trebuchets to digging tunnels, siege towers and more. It looks at how castles and fortifications changed over time to defend against siege and attack. Just a good introductory book with lots of pictures and prints. Plenty of pictures taken from old manuscripts and a whole series of modern drawings. If you want to learn about the whole arms race of Medieval sieges, the weapons and some of the famous ones that occurred this is a great place to start. It's peppered with many examples of real sieges and pictures and drawings of real castles.

Did lords ever pay mercenaries to guard their strongholds? Yep, and the book takes examples from history and even tells you how much they paid.
What was one of the weakpoints of a castle or stronghold and what did the builders do to strenghten it? Moats? Drawbridges? Gatehouses?

Just a good book if you want to learn about siege warfare in the middle ages how it really happened but you don't want something overly scholarly and dry.

Book: Medieval arms and armor Medieval Arms and Armor: A Pictorial Archive (Dover Pictorial Archive Series)

This handsome archive depicts richly detailed armor and weaponry dating from the early ninth century to the mid-1700s. Adapted from decorative ornamentation on burial monuments and manuscripts, hundreds of finely executed images depict authentic shields, swords, crossbows, helmets, and ornate suits of body armor for knights and their steeds. 100 black-and-white plates.



Arms and armor of the medieval knight

Arms & Armor of the Medieval Knight: An Illustrated History of Weaponry in the Middle Ages This is an excellent book with quite a few 5 star ratings on . This is one of the best books out there on the subject of the weapons and armor of medieval knights.






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