Further Developments in the case of the Mysterious Medieval Halberds

If you have come straight to this webpage from a search engine you can see the Halberds and learn more about them here. The mysterious Medieval Halberds

Will, I just saw your pair of halberd heads on the internet.  Those two would most likely have been made for ceremonial urposes (sergeants in england mainly during the 1650-1800 range of time) as symbols of office.  The numbers ON the heads, near the shaft connect, are the number of heads (as a serial number) that the person that actually hand crafted those two heads has made... being... the 3940th and 3946th actual halberd head that smith had crafted.  Being that you have a PAIR of heads, they are likely to be from two people of the same family (brothers) who both achieved the rank of sergeant in the english millitary during 'period'.  By the linear date (considering a smith would start apprentice at 12-14, and continue a specialized weapon untill the day of 'his' death, the craftsman was old-er) the heads were most likely created around the 1680-1690 period of time, due to the intricate detail, even tho the halberd came about in use around 1280-1320 in a good number of applications.  Evolution from the Pike, to the Halberd. 

Now... the Symbols on your Halberd heads... Knowing that they are a symbol of office, rank, and used both in ceremony and actual combat.  Your heads were most likely (as above) from a pair from one family that achieved rank and office in a millitary function.  The symbols are most likely of the millitary unit, maybe the city or garrisson, and the commander of the person for each halberd head.  The intricasy, and the fact that there are no flanges where the heads attach to a shaft, dictate they were only funcionable as a symbol.  So your halberd heads most likely dont have any blood on them.  Some other highly intricate items from the period would be used for both combat and ceremony, such as swords or axes or something else, but due to the function, the first time either of your halberd heads would be used in a hooking manner, the head would come off the shaft... 

I'm not sure whether or not you fully understand what exactly you have there, but do NOT allow anyone to tell you those two items are worthless... being from actual period, and in the actual condition of them... you should put them in a glass security case, with an alarm ON it, or allow a museum to secure them for you (which would also get you more answers as to where, when, and how, due to the display).