The Case of the Mysterious Medieval Halberds

(Jan 16, 2008) I received an email from a person who has been holding onto these Halberds for quite a while. They were found in the attic of a very old apartment building and the person doesn't have any expertise in Medieval weapons or in Halberds. Anyway, I was asked if I could shed some light on their origin or possibly their value.

Now Halberds are a little bit out of my realm of expertise but I thought maybe someone out there could shed some light on them. Here are some pictures and if you can enlighten me as to any information about them, their origin, make, value etc. it would be much appreciated!

Here is some info: They are very heavy, look to be made of cast, and hand forged, but very , very well crafted, on the sides as you can see are crests, I would assume on one side being the crest of the family who owned them , the other being the crest of the king these may have been in battle for.  Could they actually be authentic, being of the 15th or 16th centurry? Is that possible? There is a number stamped into the top where the rod would have fit, but it is clear that it was not machine stamped, as the numbers are stamped a little off kilter so to speak, did they number their swords after they were forged?

If you can shed some light on these halberds send me an email willkalif at - thanks!

Update to this case: May 24, 09 Someone with some serious knowledge has given me quite an update on these halberds - read about it here

Updates to this case (jan 27): There has been a little bit of an update on these halberds but the mystery continues! Read the updates here

(Thumbnails of the four pictures below)


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