The Mysterious Halberds

Some Further questions and answers about the Halberds

Question from the expert: Maybe a little more info will help uncover the identity of the halberd heads where they where found (the location, country, city),

Answer : North adams, Ma, USA

Question: if they are sharpened ( I think not judging from the fotographs),

Answer :unsharpened

Question:  the number stamped/engraved on them

Answer: one the stamp is clear being 3940, the other, the stamp is barely readable 3946

Question: What condition they where found in

Answer: I found these in a forgotten box, in the attic of an old apartment building. The were wrapped in plastic with a very heavy coating of oil (smelled liked old gun oil), I believe to preserve them, I gently cleansed them and continue to keep them cleansed and oiled as I think they are very wonderful, and deserve to be kept preserved. They as you can see in the photo are kept on the wall in my living room. The problaby should be behind glass or something.

Some thoughts from the expert: 1 thing I can tell you for certain.....that these Halberds where not made for actual battle, but more for decorative or ceremonial purpose. Also the thing that you refer to as a crest is not a crest but a different decoration of sorts. They are antiques judging from how the decoration is faded and the condition of the steel/iron, but I can't be sure, since I don't know exactly in what enviromen t they have been.

Question: Maybe the person who found them can track down who lived in the apartment over the years, and maybe find out about his/her/their background.:

Answer: I think tracking info of former owners would be very, very difficult. Since I have not lived in the apartment building for at least 13 years and it has changed hands numerous times, been remodeled, etc. Other items I found in the box though were from the 50"s, I know this because there were old playboy magazines along with items you would find it that time frame, in the box with them. I would assume the former owner of these has long gone

Some More thoughts from the expert:

I have contacted someone with a lot of knowledge about Historical arms and armour, told him the details and shown him the pictures he had this to say:

To have matched and serial numbered heads would pretty much seal the case for these being modern (19th or early 20th c.) even if they didn't also share the same finish and cater to the 19th century taste for the more elaborate later arms. Their form is not more elaborate than some late halberds, which tended to be badges of (noncomissioned) rank rather than practical weapons. Technically, these probably are antique halberd heads, but I'd vote for 100 years old rather than 300 years old. Whatever their original purpose, they appear to be well made, with close attention to details such as the construction of the socket. Haft, `em up with big red tassles and they'd be nice decorative pieces.