The case of the mysterious Polearm

I received an email from a gentleman who lives in Ireland. He was out one day walking the dogs when he spotted something in the dirt. He tells us about the experience:

Hi recently when walking my dogs I stumbled across what looks to be a poleaxe. It was in 2 pieces but I only picked up the main head which was still attached to some wood (the other piece was just rotted wood). It has markings on it which I have circled in the first picture my only knowledge of the markings is that it meant the length of the poleaxe, place made, or maker. I couldn't find any more info besides similar pictures with different markings so what I'm asking is the real or do you need more information on where it was found.

In a further email he tells us about where he found it:

It was found in Ireland in the Cork/Waterford area. Nearby is a town called called Youghal.  And people have been speculating that this could be from the Cromwell era because he occupied this town for many years.

So.... If you have any information about this weapon, or you can shed some light on it be sure to email me!! (Will) right here:

----------------- Pics Below---------- Take particular note of the markings.






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