The Case of the Mysterious Suit of Armor

I received an email from the owner of a shop who acquired a suit of armor from the Higgins Armory. That armory closed a few years ago and all the items were auctioned off . I had taken a visit to it if you would like to learn more and see some pictures: The Higgins Armory .

Anyway the owner does have some paperwork to go with it and strongly believes it was a piece at the Higgins Armory. The story here is very intriguing. Is this an authentic 300 year old suit of armor? I don't know. It is difficult to tell from the pictures but it does look pretty authentic. And the sword in particular looks very authentic.

The owner of the shop is going to be examining the inside of the various pieces in search of a makers mark. To find a mark would be a big deal. It would authenticate te suit and help us to track down it's history.

Until we can learn more we are asking for you help! Can you identify this suit of armor? Do you have some expertise in identifying armor? Or, do you have pictures of armor at the Higgins? Can you match up this armor with a picture taken at the armory?

If you can add any insights into this suit, have any questions, or are interested in buying it send me an email:

Here are the pictures:







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