The Sawtooth Glaive

I received an email from a web visitor (Nicholas) who has a polearm that he doesn't know much about. It's an interesting piece and I call it the Sawtooth Glaive. But that's not an official name. It is just something I made up. If you can shed light on this medieval looking weapon please email me:

Here is what Nicholas has to say about it:

I have this sharp end of a period Glaive and I would like to reattach it to the pole. My question is how would it have been fixed?

A. Metal collar in the slot in the pole
B. Bound with rope/twine ditto or
C. Any other suggestions/help would be appreciated


Note from Will. Interesting weapon. It could be a type of glaive, although I am leaning more toward it being a Fauchard.

Check down the page for my guess as to how this blade was attached to a pole.




I would guess it was attached to the pole with a metal ring like this. The tang of the weapon being inserted into a slot into the pole. The small broken off part might have been some kind of hook which makes a lot of sense with pole weapons. A hook on a polearm enabled a rider to be pulled off a horse.



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