Can you identify this Halberd?

I got an email from a web visitor (Emily) who was unexpectedly given this halberd. If you can identify it or add some information about what it is, how old it is or where it comes from : Here is what she says about it:

I've just been looking at your website as I was recently, and somewhat randomly, given the top of a polearm by a lady I met at a craft fair. She said it had been in her father's house I Sweden all her life (so probably talking the past hundred years) as he was a serious weapons collector. She hasn't got any knowledge about where it comes from, or what it even is, so I'm starting at the very beginning for her!

Would you be able to give me any information about what it is, and where else I might try to get information about it? We can't see any markings on it beyond two crossed swords and some 0 and 1 markings.

Many thanks for your help!





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