The Unknown Glaive

I received these pictures from a web visitor (Jeff). He was curious to know what kind of weapon it is. I quickly recognized it to be a Glavie and was pretty excited about it because these are a type of polearm that are more rare than the typical halberd or polearm. But, I couldn't really offer a whole lot more than that.






Except for the fact that it looks exactly like this one, but without the extra steel that attaches it to the pole:

Wow! They have that Glaive identified as State Glaive of the guard of August, Elector of Saxony (reigned 1553-86). So, I am wondering if the one that Jeff has is also part of this collection. And does that make it almost 500 years old?

Jeff tells us a little about how he came to own it:

The Glaive came out of an attic of a old inn, on the mainline outside Philadelphia in the late 90's.  My former wife was working there at the time .It was being torn down  (now a drug store), her boss knew I was a weapon collector and she gave it to her, to give to me for my birthday. I've always assumed it was a it has been on a shelf ever since.

If you can lend some insight into this beautiful polearm you can







There is an interesting update to this glaive. A web visitor has sent me pictures of what is the same glaive except it is in excellent shape. I have more about this one right here: The Unknown Glaive Part 2


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